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Freestanding Signs

A free-standing or monument sign is a type of outdoor signage structure that is typically placed on the ground and not attached to any building or other support. It is designed to be highly visible and often serves as a landmark or identifier for a particular location, such as a business, organization, or community.

These signs are usually constructed with durable materials like stone, brick, metal, or concrete, and they are often larger and more substantial than other types of signs. Free-standing signs can be customized with various designs, logos, graphics, and messages to convey specific information or branding.

Monument signs are commonly found at the entrance of properties, such as shopping centers, residential communities, office complexes, or parks, where they provide visibility and help visitors identify and locate the desired destination. They can also be used to promote businesses, advertise services, or convey important information such as directions, opening hours, or upcoming events.

Overall, free-standing or monument signs are visually appealing, durable, and serve as effective outdoor advertising and wayfinding tools.

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